RHSU200 - Windshield & Dashboard Smartphone Holder Mount Reusable Sticky Pad One-Click Release


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  • Universal phone compatibility with mobile phones up to 3.5 in wide.
  • Folding and extendable arm can be adjusted to length and can fold to any 240 degree angle. Cradle has a 360 degree rotation capability that allows you to view your device in any desired position.
  • Suction cup with lock lever secures base onto your dashboard or windshield. This phone holder will securely hold your phone with confidence and no difficulties as you drive.
  • Cradle is equipped with non-slip rubberized extendable arm grips and backing that secure your device into place when driving and prevents any scratches on your device.
  • The base contains a reusable sticky suction cup that allows you to relocate the holder. To reuse sticky suction pad, simply rinse with warm water and let air dry.

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