PHM400 - Cellet Universal Bicycle & Motorcycle Holder Mount with One Touch Arm Release Button Compatible to Most Smartphones


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  • Double the protection against costly accidental drops: device holder + silicone rubber band to hold your device in place.
  • Non-slip rubber grip cradle can accommodate small devices from 2.2 in (5.6cm) to 3.5 in (8.9cm) in width.
  • Silicone rubber band adds precaution by wrapping around your device for additional security and grip.
  • Turn-lock mechanism on cradle provides 360-degree rotation and can be positioned in any angle. Heavy duty handlebar grip can fit handlebars between 15mm to 25mm.
  • Equipped with one touch arm release button, push button located on the lower right side of the cradle and the arms will automatically extend to fit your device.

No matter where you are cycling in the city or mountain biking, the Cellet Universal Bicycle & Motorcycle Holder Mount is the most reliable choice for holding, securing and protecting your device when cycling. Cradle holder has extendable spring arms that can accommodate devices from 2.2 in (5.6cm) to 3.5 in (8.9cm), big enough to fit an iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The interchangeable silicone rubber band adds extra all-around support that prevents your device from slipping out on the most rugged roads. With a turn lock mechanism, the cradle has a 360-degree rotation that can be firmly affixed on the heavy duty handlebar grip. Equipped with a one touch release button, hold the button until the arms have extended to your device¡¯s size. It is easy to install with a simple twist ? no extra tools required.

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