Cup Holder Tablet Mount, Tablet Cup Holder Mount with Built in Cup Holder Compatible to iPads, Tablets and Nintendo Switch


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Securely mount your tablet when on the go with the Cellet tablet cup holder mount. The mount has a 360 degree rotation capability which allows you to view your device in portrait or landscape mode.  Equipped with a built in cup holder, the mount does not limit your space for your waterbottles. Heavy duty adjustable base fits most cup holders. Insert base into cup holder, if base is too small, turn dial counterclockwise to extend wings to fit into your cup holder. To reduce extended wings, turn dial clockwise. You can remove and mount this holder onto any car or reposition at any time

  • Does not limit space, built in cup holder add for convenience.
  • Ideal for road trips, provides an ideal place to view your navigation.
  • Heavy-duty adjustable base with extended wings and 360-degree rotation capability.
  • Equipped with a tablet holder, simply insert your device onto the base and start streaming.
  • Easy to install, simply insert the base into a cup holder, turn the dial to extend wings (if needed), and insert your device onto the cradle.

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