FANUSBC - Portable Mini USB Fan for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, S8/S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8 and More USB C Enabled Devices - Black


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  • Extremely useful for outdoor activities and traveling
  • Voltage 5V / Power 1W
  • Device must support OTG (on-the-go) function
  • Easy to use; assemble fan, then plug into device
  • Small and light weight but efficient

Keep cool as you read a book, watching a movie or when you are traveling during hot summer days with the portable mini USB fan. Small but efficient when operating, the fan makes minimal noise making it easy to use in an office. This mini fan is extremely useful when participating in any outdoor activities or for a daily basis. Simply attach the fan onto the motor then plug into your device. The portable mini USB fan is compatible to any USB C enabled device and the device must support OTG.

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