EP25OP - Universal Mono 2.5mm Hands-Free Headset with Boom Microphone for landline phone, office phones, business phones (Not for Smartphone)


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Multi-task effortlessly by talking on your phone while driving or working with the Cellet Universal Mono 2.5mm Hands-Free Headset with Boom Microphone. Featuring a heavy duty adjustable headband and flexible boom microphone, the headset can accommodate various head sizes and desired angles. Featuring an inline control, it allows you to activate your smartphone?¢æ¢âs personal voice assistant, play/pause/skip music and answer/hang up phone calls. The headset can be worn in either the right or left ear and the comfortable large ear speaker produces exceptionally clear sound quality. The Cellet headset is universally compatible with any devices containing a 2.5mm headphone jack.
  • Adjustable To Any Size: Adjustable headband with flexible boom microphone. Guarantees a comfortable fit on any size of head. Flexible and reversible you can wear it wherever it best suits you.
  • Reduces Background voice: Comfortable ear speaker providing clear sound quality and can be worn on right or left ear. Blocks out unwanted background noise in the office or call center.
  • Hands-Free: Features inline control to play/pause/skip music tracks, answer/hang up phone calls and activate your smartphone?¢æ?s personal voice assistant. Convenient for those that are multi-taskers. Compatible to devices with a 2.5mm headphone jack
  • Built To Last: Compatible to 99% of office phones. Strong and durable 6.56 foot long cord with leather cushion ear is made to last multiple uses. Great for using at call centers.
  • HASSLE FREE WARRANTY: Guarantees your satisfaction with a 3 year worry free manufacturer's limited warranty. Buy it now



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