BKP200 - Cellet Universal Fold-able Wireless Version 3.0 Keyboard for Tablets and Smartphones


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  • Foldable, ultra slim and lightweight. Low profile keyboard with responsive key strokes for typing accuracy
  • Compatible across Android, iOs and Windows, enabling you to mix and match different Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Incorporated rechargeable lithium battery provides 120 days of uninterrupted usage and 85 hours of continuous working time
  • Package includes: micro USB cable for charging, user manual and keyboard case that doubles as a smartphone or tablet stand
  • Greater number of control and shortcut keys adds convenience. Syncs your devices via Bluetooth 3.0.

Combining convenience + functionality, the Cellet Wireless Keyboard is the perfect accessory to compose correspondence with accuracy and ease. The foldable keyboard contains QWERTY layout with dedicated functions and low profile keys provide effortless typing. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows continuous use up to 85 hours and 120 days in standby mode. User-friendly, this keyboard is easy to pair to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or any other Wireless-enabled devices. Keyboard case also functions as a smartphone or tablet stand. Package includes Wireless foldable keyboard, keyboard case, micro USB charging cable and user manual.

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