Universal 3-in-1 Fisheye / Wide Angle / Macro Clip-on Camera Lens Kit


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Expand your creativity and enhance your mobile photography with the Cellet Universal Camera Lens Kit. In this kit, there are three lenses: Fisheye, Macro, and Wide-Angle. A Fisheye Lens produces a bubble effect, a Macro Lens captures fine detail on a nearby subject, and a Wide-Angle Lens can shoot a larger range of scenery. Each lens easily screws onto a universal clip that fits most mobile devices.
  • A universal lens clip fits most smartphones and tablets
  • Easy to install lenses: just screw in the lens
  • Fisheye Lens creates a bubble effect
  • Macro Lens captures fine detail in close-up subjects
  • Wide-Angle Lens captures a larger range of scenery
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