QIPAD - Aluminium Fast Charging Wireless Mouse Pad (10Watts/2.1Amp) for QI enabled devices


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  • Anti-slip mouse pad with built in wireless charging function
  • Simply place your device onto the mouse pad and it will begin charging
  • Built in Over current, over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Ultra thin and lightweight makes it easy to carry when traveling
  • Built in LED power indicator

Featuring innovative technology, the Cellet Wireless Charging Mouse Pad allows you to quickly charge your QI enabled device by simply placing your phone onto the mouse pad. Anti-slip rubberized grips under the mouse pad keeps it in place while it is in use. Ultra-thin and lightweight, this mouse pad is extremely convenient for work places, school or when on the go. Charging Mouse pad has an output of 5Watts / 2.1Amp of power to fully charge your smartphone within 1-3 hours (depending on the device). Please note: your device must be wireless charging enabled or have a wireless charging receiver installed.

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