NEOIPH8BK - NEOIPH8BK - Exercise Armband with Key Holder and Adjustable Velcro Band for Apple iPhone X, 8 & 7


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  • Made of sweat resistant neoprene material
  • Clear transparent window gives touchscreen accessibility to skip songs as you¡¯re exercising
  • Lightweight, comfortable and secure
  • Equipped with extra slot to carry keys
  • Useful when going on a walk, run, hiking or cycling

Carry your iPhone X and keys at the same time while you exercise with the sweat resistant exercise armband. Made of sweat resistant neoprene material, this armband will keep your phone secure as you go for a run. The adjustable Velcro armband allows you to adjust the band to the size of your arm for a comfort fit. The transparent window allows you to utilize the touchscreen functionality to skip songs as you exercise. Built-In earphone hole lets you plug in your headphones to your device easily.

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