BA2600BL - 2 in 1 Home and Travel Charger in Portable Power Bank - by Cyongear


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UPC 80076870297
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  • 2600mAh power capacity
  • 1 AMP power
  • Folding blades help reduce overall bulkiness of the charger, allowing you to store the accessory in bags and purses.
  • Slim, small and lightweight, this charger is handy and easy to carry

Maintain your device powered up with our nifty home & portable power bank charger. Our portable, convenient, and compact power bank allows you to charge your device with its power bank feature while power bank is charging via wall outlet. This high capacity device contains 4 blue LED indicators which indicate the power bank charging status. As the device contains a female USB port to connect apple and android smartphones as well as tablets and gadget devices. Our power bank ensures your important devices are always charged.

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